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Madeline Ndambakuwa.
Ndambakuwa is a communication expert, a speaker, visual artist, writer, and poet, originally from Harare, Zimbabwe. She immigrated in 2001 to Cincinnati, Ohio a sister city to Harare. She believes that in every adversity, there is a gifted champion or game-changer rising with strength and resilience, ready to change the world and leave a lasting impact. Each piece of artwork and each poem is a statement of resilience, a refusal to fail destiny, and a voice of raw creativity; because within us is a burning desire to thrive and to be touched by divine power. Raw creativity is attainable as we stay open to that transformation of light. It is a statement of a fearless, and courageous soul, a heartfelt capture of lived experiences. A longing and an emotional cry to tell the stories of our human experiences. Even in brokenness when we see insurmountable challenges, the human spirit refuses to lay dormant. From the first cry when we come on the stage of life, to the last cry when we depart, nothing can defeat our spirits. There're no challenges, age, or death, that can shatter our spirits, only love has the last say. We're an inexhaustible treasure. We don't fly low, we soar high...eagles are born to fly. Believing is seeing.
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