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Hi! I'm Madeline Ndambakuwa


Madeline Ndambakuwa is the CEO at Zanhi Influence, Co-founder of World Big Family, communication expert, speaker, educator, visual artist, author, and poet.


As a communication expert and visual artist,

she founded Zanhi Influence LLC., an organization that blends communication and art, offering creative training programs, and consultation for effective communication, public speaking coaching, and strategic communication solutions for individuals and organizations.


Affectionately known as “Professor Madeline” at the University of Cincinnati. Ndambakuwa is convinced that
effective communication and creativity are essential keys for success.


She believes that if you want to leave an indelible mark on earth, you must be an effective communicator
and innovator, you overcome the fear of public speaking, rebuild your confidence, reclaim your voice, and be a powerhouse of influence.


She says, “When you find your voice you find yourself. You awaken to your presence, passion, purpose, and the
essence of your existence. Likewise, if an organization finds its voice it’s set apart for success, productivity, and impact.”

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