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By Madeline Ndambakuwa

Poetry of Light

From my book 'Twinkles of Dawn'

Twinkles of Dawn

Twinkles of Dawn

Healing For My Soul

One twinkle after another,
The night fades away,
As we search for who we are.
We gather some knowledge,
From here and from there,
Bringing crystal wisdom,
And finally, understanding shines.
Casting away the shadows.
We perceive the fullness of time,
A soothing morning breeze,
As the soft touches of dawn unfold,
Awakening the mind and hands.
Realizing the potential within,
That fulfills the reason for being;
The twinkles of joy, bearing grand dreams!

The Hand

The hand that bore me,
Skillfully knit every limb,
Intricately behind the scenes;
I watched and waited patiently,
Contemplating and sweating,
At every step that I walked,
Down the road of life;

Deep within me, I knew,
That every path I was to cross,
Was indeed, predestined,
There were many ways to get there;
And in the womb of mother-time,
There were people set for me,
Good and great things set, in store for me,
Waiting for my manifestation,
That was still unknown to me.

Journeys within a journey,
Traveled by a few,
Courageous and bold faces,
Who had been born, to pass through my way,
As they were, seeking their ordained niche’
In a mission only meant for our trodden paths,
Like minds attracted, within the magnetic field,
Of the forceful drive, of passion and creativity;
One step at a time, the Hand was weaving,
A quilt of answers to a world in need,
Then and only then, did I understand my purpose,
To be an answer to many, Who will meet me on the way.


I Cannot Be Subdued

I thought I was pressed and squeezed,
Between a rock and a hard place,
My heart weighed down and was overwhelmed,
My soul was cast down within me,
My enemies targeted me,
With poisoned arrows;
They sought to end my life.

O, my cry was faint, I could hardly bear the pain,
My adversaries were counting down,
Tap, tap, tap and I was staggering,
I could not catch my breathe;
But my help was on the way.

Before they counted to ten,
A surge of divine power,
Was poured in me,
My spiritual adrenaline shot to the peak,
My enemies had thrashed me bitterly,
But I did not fall or fail,
Because the Lord is my stay,
His goodness and mercy,
Follows me, all the days of my life;
His hand holds me up in times of trouble.

I was born to rule, to be fruitful,
To multiply and replenish the whole earth, to subdue it;
My spirit broke loose, I saw myself mirrored in His face,
And at that moment I understood: I am an image of his image,
A reflection of His glory,
I refuse to be subdued.

I am created to have life and goodness
Friendship and fellowship with the Father,
To show forth his glorious splendor,
And to praise, and worship him forever;

I rose back up,
And won at the eleventh hour.
I am a miracle and a wonder,
I celebrate-again and again,
I cannot be subdued.
I will pass through the fire,
But I will come out without the smell of it,
I may be hurt but I will come out, without the scars,
I may be thrown into the furnace,
But I will come out without being singed.
I will be refined and made stronger than before.
I cannot be subdued.

My steps are ordered by the Lord,
Watch me; I can not be subdued,
Nothing can ever hold me back,
I can not be subdued,
Neither by the storm nor fire,
Famine or recession I cannot be subdued,
There is no force or power,
That can prosper against me,
Even when I am down and under;
I have the power of an endless life.
I can not be subdued,
I’m destined to win, marked for eternity,
I can not be subdued and will never be.
The Lord is with me until the end.
I cannot be subdued.


A gift of presence,
A gift of yourself,
Pouring out your love in words,
and indeed;
Give me a dozen roses, not only on Valentine’s Day,
Or to mark my birthday,
Give me a dozen roses each day;
So if one dies, another will still be fresh;
Let the symbol of your love,
Forever be fresh and never wither,
A daily supply of fresh red roses,
Fresh dozens and fresh memories,
Will make a lifetime of love,
Forever green. 

Twinkles of Dawn

In the heat of the day,
When the water that used to flow,
Is stagnant and polluted,
Change becomes the only option.
You may try to pick up the pieces to make it work,
Only to find yourself further back than where you started;
What was relevant yesterday, has become history,
And oftentimes change throws you out of sync,
From the shore to the deeper waters,
Encountering the vastness of the ocean,
In unfamiliar waters, with current against you,
Facing bigger predators, the sharks and the storms.

Change is a challenge; it does not feel good,
When you have to take a leap,
Into the open mouth of a hungry crocodile,
And grub your stuff before it closes its jaws,
its jaws, You know you might lose your life,
But you believe you have a chance,
So you choose to jump in anywhere,
Daring to dare, than lose your chance,
You know you can not out rule a shipwreck,
on an angry sea, with unseen forces,
The possibility of failing is there when you try;
But you chose to make a move, and do it anywhere;
Choosing to trust and see the invisible,
That you know is alive in your company,
Trusting that you will succeed,
If need be, you will learn from your failures,
And you simply take a risk, for the hope you hold.

Yes, there is hope and certainty,
For those that stick to their decision,
Those that will see the Invisible, through the eyes of faith,
Clinging on God’s unchanging hand,
And with a faith anchored in God;
You can make it through the winds of change, on the wings of grace;
Wounds of boldness and courage will heal,
And you will forget the pain,
When change roars and applauses your tenacity,
Thundering a triumphant clap of purpose,
Uniting with opportunity, to make your day, you will be grateful,
That you dared to move,
You dare to change.


Seasons, come and seasons go.
Wheels within wheels,
As time rolls on the rim, 
Turned by the Creator,
And never reverses itself;
It feels like winter, but it still falls
A transition happening, not yet a butterfly 
Nor a caterpillar, but a ball of the larva,
On the road to transformation,
Waiting for its wings to fly,
Regardless of the chills
The sky is still blue, 
Behind the darkest clouds;


As I walk along the life lane,
Nature's colors are calming,
They bring a soothing breeze, over my face, 
Availing precious moments,
And healing for my soul;
As I stroll down the garden of life,
Sometimes, in the midst of the unknown,
God tremendously pours, 
Life, love, peace, and joy;
He cares for the seasons and the jungles,
I trust that he will take 
Good care of me, moment by moment,
He refreshes my soul.


UJehovah uyanginakekela
Jehovah vanondichengetedza


Hold on

Hold on, hold on, hold on a little while longer, 
Let the storm take its course,
Let life and peace flow in your innermost being,
Though the wind may blow and swing you like the palm tree, It’s your chance to show off what you are made of.

We can all learn from a crying willow,
As fragile as it might look, when the storm is over, it will still be there,
Many trees will have broken branches,
Some will be uprooted but the crying willow will stand
With its leaves bathed and combed by the storm,
Calm and collected as if there had been no storm
The landscape will be devastated and sorrowful,
But the willow will not lose its grace,
And the palm tree will stand, as a symbol of strength;

Hold on and never let go,
Take advantage of the storm,
Spread your wings and face the storm,
Mount up like an eagle and soar high above the storm,
Speak peace to the storm and sing your song, as you keep holding on,
Before you know it, the storm will be over;
Your vision will be crystal clear,
And you will soon perceive the blessings,
That surround you, and the glorious arm,
That covers you and leads you all the way.

From the book 'Comfort'


It meant I almost gave up, but I didn't
I fell along the way and I got up,
I wanted to cruise on the highway,
But my road turned to a forest,
It sucked but I sucked it in,
I staggered and stumbled,
But I kept going and became stronger.

When the road became darker,
I groped into the darkness and chose faith,
That helped me to see beyond this day,
I refused to let the darkness blur my way,
I was not scared; I became bold and courageous,
To do what I had never done before,
And to go where I had never been before,

I was pushed to the edge,
I got angry but I did not become bitter,
I was beaten but did not surrender
I overcame the anger with gratefulness,

When I faced the ocean,
I did not know how to cross it,
I waited, persevered and I was renewed,
I sought wisdom early in the morning,
I earnestly fought and weaved my way through,
I was sure that with endurance,
I could march into my destiny

With grace and endurance
Filled with determination
I mapped up my battle plan,
My muscles were hidden,
I had too much fat,
I was quickly out of breath; 

I had to do some resistance training,
Tearing and building my muscles
Tightening and toning. Boom! 
I regained my form,
My endurance was built to last,
I was able to function, with maximum capacity.

Enjoy the journey

Whether the ride is rough,
And the tides are high and tough
Do not sweat or cough defeat,
Have your heart and mindset to enjoy your journey,
Make it fun and pleasurable as you maneuver,
Build good memories that are worthy to remember,
And can refresh you instead of weighing you down,
Travel light and smoothly drop in your shot

Stabilize yourself with happiness,
Satisfied, with peace in your heart,
With no sadness and no worries,
Pack up your provision for the journey,
Put a morsel of joy in your basket,
A piece of blended gladness and laughter,
A slice of humor like cheese on a sandwich,
Let your lips drip with smiles like a honeycomb,
Just be happy.

Take it easy, no pressure dear,
Spontaneously, pour yourself out, smiling from ear and ear,
Relax; your journey will mold the cast for you,
If you panic you will spoil your pull of destiny,
Keep on, you will make it,
And it will tailor make itself around you,
Just seal your joy in the process,
You don’t want to remember your journey,
And feel like hot oil has been forcefully,
Poured down your throat,
Please, don’t endure your journey dear,
Joyfully dance your dance and be fulfilled;
You will see the weight of your fullness,
And you will shine brighter than the stars,
Make your journey a lovable experience.

Take it easy

Take it Easy
Easy, easy, take it easy,
Don’t worry if you have fallen,
Days are pregnant with promises;
Choose not to be fearful,
Eyes that are tearful won’t see,
But a cheerful heart will give you smiles;

Take it is easy.
The race doesn't depend on your fastness,
Nor your knowledge on its vastness, 
Find within you a momentum that is lasting
Focusing on the everlasting
With determined prayer and fasting,
Trusting in the everlasting;


Take it easy
The race will get easy before you know it,
A grateful heart will win,
The faithful will be restored
You will be glad you waited;
Your perseverance will be vindicated,
Your victory will be undiluted;
You will forget that you were once fallen.



Silence spoke to me
On my journey to discover my place of value,
That would set me apart,
I wanted to fit in my own world,
Then silent moments shaped me,
I was broken in the lonely hours of practice,
In the dark shadows of the night,
Where the only songs that were closest to me,
Was the chipping cricket in the cracked wall,
And the distant horn of the goods train,

Debore I could tell my night was spent,
The silent night merged into the morning,
The birds, singing it's a new day wake up,
And I...all I can do is smile,
Because I have not been to bed,
So I understand that my success,
Can not be the famous overnight success,
But silent hours and hours,
Tirelessly working day and night.

In the lonely moments, silence whispered to me,
I felt the waters broke,
I was certain that I had had a full term,
I was going natural,
Ouch! My pain was unbearable
Then the silence was broken,
I heard voices of victory,
The applause of the crowd woke me up!
I stepped into the spotlight,
I had won the silence.


A snick pick from my book 'Love Letters'

My Love

My love for you will never die my Love.

Today I give you my promise, come and dance with me
And I will take each day to love you,

I will cherish you and listen to you each day,
Heart to heart and soul to soul,
Sing your song, dance your dance I will be there with you,
When the song is fast I feel you close to my heart
When the song is slow I feel you,
I’m right here, I give you my shoulder to lean on.

With age and time, I will change in many ways
And you will change too!

We will grow old and wrinkles will tell our tales,
In ageless silver strands of wisdom gray
I’ll never let my love for you die.

I will keep the flames going, so let’s dance to our song
Drawing closer to each other each day
And through every changing season, I will hold your hand,
Walk with you, run with you, and sit by your side,

And let you know I still love you. 

We can face the future in each other’s arms,

And take the adventures of life with love,

I want to see you smile, and shine like sunrise
Even when I see your tears rolling down from your beautiful eyes
Either with joy or sadness, my promise stands.
I will love you more, far and wide;
I will take an extra mile for you, I love you,
To the moon and back and back and forth and back again
And let you rest on my chest; I will always hold you close to my heart,
And feel your heart beating in tune with mine.

I will dance with you no matter what happens on our way.

Take my hand and we will dance, till death do us part,

In this life I will not let you go
; my love for you will never die, My Love.

When it Hits Home

The sun rose up gliding on a cloudless sky,

The sunshine illuminating a girl’s hairline,

Her face was turned to the other side
Maybe she was smiling on such a bright day.
As she drew closer her lips were too tight to assume she was smiling.

Her face half revealed, she looked sick and sad
She must be in deep thought
, so I thought,
And wondered why she is not raising her head to see this beautiful Spring

The flowers were filling the air with an aroma mistaken for hers
As she drew closer I could see her pain,

Her sigh was louder than her footsteps

This is Monica, beautiful and graceful
, but why is she sad?
Her t-shirt was written,
“Monica and Greg 1st Vacation in Orlando”

She raised her left hand, her diamond sparkled,

It was a big princess cut
If she was this sad something must have happened,
Girls with diamonds smile and walk with a flair,
Maybe something happened to Greg, maybe... maybe, you never know,
Girls with diamonds smile.

From the opposite direction another woman

Was pacing faster than her as soon as their eyes met

Monica stood there cold and still.

Then two other women were running towards her from different directions.

“Monica! Monica!” They gasped her name at once,

They leaped forward and embraced her before,
The other woman her mother could get to her faster,

Than her mother-in-law and May Monica’s sister,
These women were relieved to find her in the park,
where she used to stroll with Greg before the war
Then I too a hospice nurse, was there to share this loss,
Different from the nature of death when she takes through age and sickness,
So heavy was our hearts when Monica spoke.

“I wasn’t ready for this Mama,” she was sobbing, her words choked with grief
“None of my sons, none of my sons: will take this road.
I’ll do everything in my power to stop this…Ma,
How many widows should there be, how many grieving mothers?
Oh! Mama all wounds hurt, visible and invisible in many families,
These brutal scars of war must end...”


City of Love

I set out  on a journey,
Traveling to the magical city of love.
I was sure I will get to the castle and have a hero’s welcome.
My road led me through the woods, and in the valleys
I searched and searched until I got to the fork of the road.

I spent days waiting to decide which path to take,
I had to get to that city of love by one way or another,
With boldness and courage, I chose my way.
I arrived at the fake city in Winter,
All was fine until Spring and the castle began to melt.
Still, my heart was burning and longing for the prince,
The season was almost gone and I had not seen the prince, 
I wept for the time wasted, I had camped there all season.

So I went back to the converging roads,
And I went on my merry way,
Till I saw another crystal city sparkling,
And every prince and princess that got there found love.
I too was there at the magical city of love;
And I found my love, Prince of Love.


The Medicine

She is the medicine to a dying world,

The medicine for the sick and fainting multitudes,
Love is the medicine that heals mankind
No matter how far you think 
you have grown apart from love
She will pave your way to you
Love unconditional and kind
She will heal your broken heart
And soothe your spirit
And straighten your clenched heart.

Love heals from within, and creates new blood vessels,
Makes your heart fresh and free from broken pieces;

Love is the medicine that gives life to:
Ancient struggles, 
Current challenges, 
Unknown storms and fears of life
Uncertain situations and the brokenness,
of the young, the old and all the troubles of mankind,

Love has been the only prescription that works;
The only ageless medicine.

Love has been and will be the only pill.
Unbreakable medicine that never fails.

Love heals all seen and unseen matters
Among friends and the worst of enemies
Love travails and prevails.
Oh! The miraculous power of love;

The only medicine that works all the time for humanity.

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