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Poetry of light

From my book "Twinkles of Dawn"

Colorful Book Spines

Twinkles of Dawn

One twinkle after another,
The night fades away,
As we search for who we are.
We gather some knowledge,
From here and from there,
Bringing crystal wisdom,
And finally, understanding shines.
Casting away the shadows.
We perceive the fullness of time,
A soothing morning breeze,
As the soft touches of dawn unfold,
Awakening the mind and hands.
Realizing the potential within,
That fulfills the reason for being;
The twinkles of joy, bearing grand dreams!

Dozen Roses

A gift of presence,
A gift of yourself,
Pouring out your love in words,
and indeed;
Give me a dozen roses, not only on Valentine’s Day,
Or to mark my birthday,
Give me a dozen roses each day;
So if one dies, another will still be fresh;
Let the symbol of your love,
Forever be fresh and never wither,
A daily supply of fresh red roses,
Fresh dozens and fresh memories,
Will make a lifetime of love,
Forever green. 

Healing For My Soul

Seasons, come and seasons go.
Wheels within wheels,
As time rolls on the rim, 
Turned by the Creator,
And never reverses itself;
It feels like winter, but it still falls
A transition happening, not yet a butterfly 
Nor a caterpillar, but a ball of the larva,
On the road to transformation,
Waiting for its wings to fly,
Regardless of the chills
The sky is still blue, 
Behind the darkest clouds;


As I walk along the life lane,
Nature's colors are calming,
They bring a soothing breeze, over my face, 
Availing precious moments,
And healing for my soul;
As I stroll down the garden of life,
Sometimes, in the midst of the unknown,
God tremendously pours, 
Life, love, peace, and joy;
He cares for the seasons and the jungles,
I trust that he will take 
Good care of me, moment by moment,
He refreshes my soul.


UJehovah uyanginakekela
Jehovah vanondichengetedza

The hand

The hand that bore me,
Skillfully knit every limb,
Intricately behind the scenes;
I watched and waited patiently,
Contemplating and sweating,
At every step that I walked,
Down the road of life;

Deep within me, I knew,
That every path I was to cross,
Was indeed, predestined,
There were many ways to get there;
And in the womb of mother-time,
There were people set for me,
Good and great things set, in store for me,
Waiting for my manifestation,
That was still unknown to me.

Journeys within a journey,
Traveled by a few,
Courageous and bold faces,
Who had been born, to pass through my way,
As they were, seeking their ordained niche’
In a mission only meant for our trodden paths,
Like minds attracted, within the magnetic field,
Of the forceful drive, of passion and creativity;
One step at a time, the Hand was weaving,
A quilt of answers to a world in need,
Then and only then, did I understand my purpose,
To be an answer to many, Who will meet me on the way.

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