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Find Your Voice

At the beginning of this year 2020 and this new decade, I want to challenge you to find your voice. One of the things I have learned as an artist is the beauty of finding my voice. Creativity is a second nature to me because my voice is displayed by my obsession for creativity and excellence. When I walk into a room I know I can shift the atmosphere. My voice is unlimited, unbreakable and unstoppable.

The essence of my being shifts the atmosphere and I'm awakened from within. I feel empowered to think artistically, process information artistically and execute everything I do artistically. Challenges are not my my biggest concern because if I can artistically observe a situation long enough I will be inspired and motivated to find a way. If it is not humanly possible, then I can simply depend on what is divine. You see, an artist does not have a problem to surrender to the medium. It's a matter of choosing the best choice that amplifies the splendor of the voice and the story being told or masterpiece being created. The essence of each piece is the voice that speaks or the silence that makes it cold and laud in enough to cut deep into our emotional intelligence, consciousness, sub-conscience and spirituality.

The voice within us awakens our instincts and desire. The voice locked within you is too loud to be silent and too active to be locked away. It is too powerful to just be fanned away.

I learned pretty early that when I find my voice I find myself. When I find my voice I tap into the divine potential invested in me. I can stand tall, confident and free. Right now I'm so excited that I'm using my voice to challenge you to use your voice; because when you find your voice, you will find yourself. Please read the poem below:

A Soothing Interruption

An artist by profession, a nurse aide out of need,

An immigrant out of design but...not an alien to humanness.

It has been 18 years of compassion and service,

At times I was burdened but, I...I embrace my tears of joy.

I can’t labor for the voice I know so well and this loud.

In the struggle I was in despair,

Only to realize disability is not inability,

The human spirit can not be put in a cage;

Like a bird it flies and soars free and fair….

I know that no status, no boundaries, no immigration,

No age or sickness nor death can limit us.

The dominion and power that lies within us is permanent.

We live in this our domain called Love;

Our dominance is unlimited….

We have legal authority on this planet earth...

Love shifts the atmosphere, because the spirit of love within,

Is a voice, and this Voice is who you’re,

Unlimited, unbreakable and unstoppable;

A Voice invisible but shifting the atmosphere.

God said, “let there be light and there was light,”

His voiced words were creative and active...

Shifting the atmosphere

When You find your voice, you find your passion,

When You find your voice you find your obsession....

Shifting the atmosphere...

When You find your voice you find your style,

When You find voice, you find yourself,

When You find your voice you become creative,

When You find your voice;

You become a talented agent of change....

Shifting the atmosphere...

When you find your voice you find love,

You shift the atmosphere,

You change the world with love...

When You find your Voice you find God!

When you find your voice you find your purpose,

You thrive in love, and You live each day,

Shifting the atmosphere with your voice

And right now you can start shifting the atmosphere

Shifting the atmosphere

Echo: Shifting the atmosphere

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