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I Can Not Be Subdued

I Can Not Be Subdued

I thought I was pressed and squeezed,

Between a rock and a hard place,

My heart weighed down and was overwhelmed,

My soul was cast down within me,

My enemies targeted me, With poisoned arrows;

They sought to end my life.

O, my cry was faint, I could hardly bear the pain,

My adversaries were counting down,

Tap, tap, tap and I was staggering,

I could not catch my breathe;

But my help was on the way.

Before they counted to ten,

A surge of divine power,

Was poured in me,

My spiritual adrenaline shot to the peak,

My enemies had thrashed me bitterly,

But I did not fall or fail,

Because the Lord is my stay,

His goodness and mercy,

Follows me, all the days of my life;

His hand holds me up in times of trouble,

I was born to rule, to be fruitful,

To multiply and replenish,

The whole earth, to subdue it;

My spirit broke loose,

I saw myself mirrored in His face,

And at that moment I understood

I am an image of his image,

A reflection of His glory,

I refuse to be subdued.

I am created to have life and goodness

Friendship and fellowship with the Father,

To show forth his glorious splendor,

And to praise, and worship him forever;

I rose back up,

And won at the eleventh hour,

I am a miracle and a wonder,

I celebrate-again and again,

I cannot be subdued.

I will pass through the fire,

But I will come out without the smell of it,

I may be hurt but I will come out,

Without the scars, I may be thrown in the furnace,

But I will come out without being singed.

I will be refined and made stronger than before.

My steps are ordered by the Lord,

Watch me; I cannot be subdued,

Nothing can ever hold me back, I cannot be subdued,

Neither by the storm nor fire,

Famine or recession I cannot be subdued,

There is no force or power,

That can prosper against me,

Even when I am down and under,

I have the power of an endless life,

I cannot be subdued,

I am destined to win, marked for eternity,

I cannot be subdued and will never be.

The Lord is with me until the end.

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