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What Do You See in Yourself?

Every day we're morphing into the nature of the voice that draws us to its influence. You may not know exactly when you learned something but you're constantly learning good and bad habits. Our goal then should be to learn enough good habits and focus on the goals and outcomes we hope to achieve because success involves learning. In its nature learning is a skill and a process of discovery that brings clarity and awareness, because we must awaken the beauty of knowing and embracing meaning. What we know and discover awaken us to an art of learning to learn and progress. When we discover what was unknown to us beyond our reach we awaken and our existence can draws our attention into focus which will give us clarity and shine through the windows life and guide us to the purpose our existence. There is always a light within calling you, but the question is can you see it in you. Can you hear the soft of voice of your voice calling you to awaken and see your God given purpose. Sometimes we sleep way too long and we're scared to awaken to the person we really are.

Simply put we need to focus on what matters and have the discipline it takes to be solid decision makers and game changers with consistency and gratitude. The biggest question is: "What do you see? Next to that we can then ask, "How do you see? Are you willing to see you for you? Before the world tells you who they think you're, what do you tell yourself? Are you willing to awaken the giant within. Hence, "What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us." Henry David Thoreau. Take a moment in a quiet place and see yourself. Examine yourself and realign from within and you will discover the true giant within. See yourself and you will know that your dream and desire are reachable and they respond to your divine purpose. You're unstoppable, and you're an inexhaustible treasure.

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