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My Thoughts

My Thoughts on Creativity

The greatest master that I feel I know in creativity is God. Whether one believes in the creation or not. Creation is an artistic or poetic masterpiece that has no comparison. No other artist or writer can create better than the Creator. When I see the tiny lines of the design of our fingerprints we see a unique witness of this truth, the existence of a designer, the touch of a Master. When we observe the sky and see fluffy white clouds we can not ignore the beauty thereof. Furthermore the landscape, the hills and mountains, the vastness of the sea, the roaring waves, thunder, and lighting clap; for me that’s a master’s painting brush that I imitate and as an artist I cannot recreate the world but I can only be thankful I have the right to imitate it. Creativity is at the core of my soul and I create because it's my nature. 

Madeline answers why she writes poetry

Why do you write what you write?

It’s a celebration of victory for me and an opportunity to comfort others by the comfort I have received.

I have been down, and I have been at the mountain top, therefore, I know that a voice of encouragement whether you are losing or winning will boost your performance. I am simply a vessel that delivers divine truth that has been revealed to me, I am a messenger that brings the flowers from the Lover of our soul. So that’s why I talk to everyone in every walk of life. I understand how precious every individual is. In my brokenness, I was comforted others. Now I don't focus on defeat because I have a chance to rewrite my story.

Writer - Madeline Ndambakuwa

Poet - Madeline Ndambakuwa

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