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A Sound More than Words

I am excited you are on this site today, welcome to the world of champions that refuse to take no for an answer. In this collection of poems, you will encounter a friend. It is like having a companion or coach giving you a boost of encouragement, inspiration, comfort, and strength. In those moments; when you are faced with challenges, a voice of encouragement will help you to reload and keep going. You will learn to perceive life in the shoes of a winner, knowing that you are a champion; you cannot be subdued by adversity. You will have wisdom and principles to paint your life as a colorful masterpiece. Your faith and hope will increase and you will experience unconditional love and an unlimited creativity.

If you are encountering new challenges raise your head up and fearlessly move on. It will take courage, faith, and hope. Your dream is true and attainable, just have the courage to face adversity.
You must be on the move if you want to find courage; a person who is not in action will never know how much courage he/she needs. I had rather be a woman of courage than to be a coward that dies twice. When you are on the move and challenges pushing you back with almost everyone telling you it is impossible to get a positive outcome. I ask you to take a stand of faith mixed with a confident expectation that the outcome will be favorable to you, and not against you. It may be a medical condition that you know the doctor has some news for you that might not be good or you have already been told there is no hope. If you have a CA125 blood test that needs further investigation you know how it feels, if your business is going broke and you have no other source of income that’s not a comfortable place to be, your marriage may be falling apart, surgery looming on the horizon, etc. I tell you that will look like a good reason to sit down and to mourn but before you justify your self consider faith. A pity party won’t help you it is FAITH that can turn around situations. Keep your head lifted up don’t let your soul be cast down. You need your strength to fight, so don’t weigh yourself down with what you can not change, have the courage to hand it over to God because all things are possible with him. Do your part if it means hoping against hope you do; until you emerge out a winner. Miracles are still happening, except one with your name on it. It may be a closing of one window leading to an opening of a great door that may usher you onto another level and put you into a new dimension. Choose to keep your fight of faith and you will win. To be present in your body is for His glory and to depart you will be a hero welcome into His everlasting presence if you keep your faith. You live for him, either way. Make sure you are not on the run, fight like a good soldier and you will win. Challenges are there to mark your unforgettable milestones and the God kind encounters. Fearlessly move on! Be of good cheer, be of good courage; you can fly and soar up high like an eagle, your dream is true and attainable.

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