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A Mother's Monologue

My first monologue was interesting because I was failing to pull the emotion out of it. Well, my professor pushed me until I almost cried, and then I found an intensity that I think will be hard to repeat. I hope you will hear this monologue one day in my many, many, performances.

"Ah ah don't mother me. I am not a fool. I can see that the memories of your loss are still green in the veins of your heart, and your emotions are raw with pain and I understand all that but.....

What else do you want me to do, except to tell you to look again into the mirror and see your shuttered expectations. My heart is torn by the lines of sadness on your pretty face. of late your frustrations are repelling every good thing trying to come your way. It's either you decide to change or this show is over. Princess I am asking you for the last time to look straight into the mirror. Life is not a bed of roses.

If you want something meaningful out this life you have to ignite your own fire Human spirits were never designed to lie dormant You are so down and low: you can't even smile, you forgot the right to be yourself? Will I ever see you fly and soar high in the sky (Sighing) How did You loose your strength to fight?

Don't give up now Princess. Look at your throne, your castle doors are open; you are this close, don't shoot yourself in the foot. Do you remember how You used to see yourself in-charge, bold and confident and Nothing was unreachable. I am your mother my deepest desire is to see your dreams come true."


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