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The Essence of Being A Woman

It is a great privilege and a joy to be who you are, because you are one of a kind: a woman of moral excellence. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, designed for a purpose and with great value. You are a virtuous.

The idea behind hiding a treasure is preservation, thus the essence of being a woman has been buried through out the ages for a season. Of course there are few women who have made their mark and they must be saluted for their achievements; but there are many more that are waiting for their moment.

There are precious gems called women in each nation on earth; therefore families and communities have an assignment: to awaken women to the true essence of being a woman and focus on the realization of women’s value.

Femininity is a joy to have, and it is not a weakness but a great strength. The beauty of being a woman is in the gold mine of femininity. The flair of grace, softness, kindness, gentleness, holiness and uniqueness flows from the warmth of the heart of a woman. She has intuition and she is precise in her instincts, whether she cries or laughs her emotions run deep, tapping the uncharted waters of life: she is strong. She rests in divine power and the power of influence is her subtle domain because she knows she can handle it.

Ladies: “When you know your value, it’s easy to find confidence, lay aside barriers and become unstoppable. No matter how small or great, make a difference and the world can eventually agree that, “the hand that rocks a cradle rules a nation”. You can forget anything you choose to forget but you must always remember that you are valuable, beautiful, and free to be creative. Explore all the talents that you know are locked within you.”

History has shown humanity that a woman is an amazing human being; if she is given an opportunity to learn, she can acquire knowledge and wisdom, she can be a mother, a leader and play a million other roles. They are many things women have been also known for yet the most important ingredient is still a mystery. It is easy to tell a woman how beautiful and attractive she is than to tell her how valuable she is, yet it’s her value that gives her a romantic and dramatic confidence. It's her value that make her an inexhaustible treasure. It's her value that leads her to her place of value, her essence and presence.


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