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Stand in Confidence, Calmness and Grace

calm and collected, assured and graceful, stand with...

Confidence in God, self and in the dreams you hold feel a sense of assurance that will not go away A knowing that the Master has your back in spite of....

In that confidence you stand and you believe That what he has began, he will finish; because it is good.

Wear confidence, stand and rise

Dare to wear confidence

Dare to be you and nothing else

Just you You must deny to be denied

You must cut against the grain In perfect calmness stand knowing he's so near

You're not alone

In confidence you stand

You awaken

You rise!

You feel the Spirit breathing on you Whirling up a well of strength Stirring up your confidence; letting you know you can't fail Neither can you fall because he won't let you

You stand and you arise

Embrace love

Take in the moment, ummh!

Awaken and Rise

Muka, muka iwe muka!

Touched by a cooling stream of peace, You know he will do it again One more time, he will come through for you And you stand with an uncompromising conviction Persuaded that there is no other out-come But the victory that you see and embrace

In confidence you stand

Awakened and rising!


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